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Pedal America supports Safe Routes To School. Click here to learn if you live in a Safe Routes neighborhood. Let us know at so we can list you on the website and maybe give your neighborhood an on-air shout-out.

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Pedal America donates a percentage of its net proceeds to the League of American Bicyclists. The nonprofit organization works to ensure that federal budgets include dedicated funds for bicycle pathways. So get your jersey and then " Get out there and Pedal America!"
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Great Things Rollin’ Out In Tampa! PDF Print

This week at the Bicycle Leadership Conference in Monterey, California I met and bonded with Alan Snel, a travel and adventure journalist who co-founded the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club in Tampa, Florida.

The club welcomes everyday riders who just want to venture out in a t-shirt and pair of shorts, cruise around the neighborhood and catch up with friends at a leisurely pace for 5-10 miles.  

With all the new pathways installed around the Tampa/St. Pete area, Pedal America looks ahead to highlighting the region in one of our first episodes of the series. Check back here for details on when my production crew travels to Tampa. Oh, and to members of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club: no make-up required.

Welcome To Pedal America!® PDF Print

The idea for a tv show about cycling came to me on April 22, 2008 while fighting off a head cold. As an avid cyclist with a background in media, education, and fund-raising, I could not think of any better way to synthesize my passions into one dream - to educate the public on the joys and benefits of cycling while inspiring them to ride.

According to a study by Shimano American Corporation, more than 160 million adults have great memories of riding their bicycles as children; and those surveyed could visualize riding as they once did. The study also showed, however, that while Lance Armstrong inspired people to become better individuals and overcome personal challenge, he hasn't necessarily inspired everyday people to start riding once again. Given what I've learned during the past year, that makes perfect sense.

Modern images of spandex, high tech bikes, young die-hards riding air above rocks in the outback and careening down mountains has made the idea of walking into a local, reputable bike shop intimidating for the everyday person who just wants to go out and ride. Our show is for you!

Along with my Emmy award-winning production crew, Pedal America® shows that cycling is fun, affordable, great for the environment, and most importantly, can be enjoyed safely.  While traveling to fun exciting places that all take pride in being bicycle-friendly, we will show you how to know your bike and shop for one; safe places to ride; grow comfortable riding in traffic; and that anyone can experience adventure in off-road biking, even if you've never done it. Did you know there are off-road cycling clubs specifically for senior citizens? We'll also pay attention to cycling's health benefits, nutrition and the environment.  

But we also want to tell stories; your stories.  Whether you ride in urban areas, rural towns, in the mountains, cross-country, or to your local park, we want to hear from you. Share your riding and bike-related experiences, and suggest ideas for our show. Who knows, we might even invite you to appear.

I will let you know when Pedal America begins full production.  Meanwhile, enjoy your time here and check back for updates.

Welcome to Pedal Americaville - your new Homepage for cycling. Cool


Ira David Levy

Creator and Executive Producer

(Hey, that little smiley face needs a helmet.)

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