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Pedal America aims to make a difference. To have your charitable event posted on our site, go to our charitable cycling events page to make an informal request.

Safe Routes To School

Pedal America supports Safe Routes To School. Click here to learn if you live in a Safe Routes neighborhood. Let us know at so we can list you on the website and maybe give your neighborhood an on-air shout-out.

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 Purchase your own Pedal America-Voler cycling jersey made right here in the U.S.A. Ride with pride! 

Pedal America donates a percentage of its net proceeds to the League of American Bicyclists. The nonprofit organization works to ensure that federal budgets include dedicated funds for bicycle pathways. So get your jersey and then " Get out there and Pedal America!"
Chicago Bicycle Lessons PDF Print

ira david bike lessons
Pedal America Executive Producer and Host, Ira David

bicycling lessons
bicycling lessons
bicycling lessons
bicycling lessons
bicycling lessons

ira david bike lessons
Welcome to the Learn to Ride and Traffic Skills 101 courses at Pedal America. The "Register Now" button appears at the bottom of this page. Please read through the appropriate content before registering.

Let's get started in helping you to feel more confident while riding your bike. Here are a few answers to some of your important questions:

  • What is Learn to Ride?
  • What is Traffic Skills 101?
  • Why learn through Pedal America?
  • What is a certified LCI?
  • How much does the course cost?
  • How do I enroll?

What is Learn to Ride?

These private lessons teach children (10 and older) and adults how to ride a bike. You'll lean how to balance, start, pedal, stop, turn, and shift gears successfully. Individual sessions are one to two hours long. Learning to ride a bicycle is fast and easy especially for adults. Learning time varies from person to person, but typically students learn to ride in two to three hours.

What is Traffic Skills 101?

This course refines and refreshes your bicycling skills so you can ride with confidence. Whether you use your bike for fitness, commuting, touring, riding in a group, or leisurely enjoying your local multi-use bike path, the skills you learn will boost your confidence while riding.

Whether you are a beginning or experienced cyclist, Traffic Skills 101 offers something for everyone. Some of the topics covered:

  • Finding the Right Bike for You
  • Properly adjusting your bike
  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Pre-ride Safety Check
  • Basic Maintenance and Fixing Flats
  • Shifting for Comfort and Safety
  • Avoiding Crashes
  • Riding Safely in Traffic
  • Trail Etiquette
  • Essential Bike Handling Skills and Emergency Maneuvers (in-class and on-bike)
  • Supervised Traffic Cycling Practice (on bike)

Why learn through Pedal America?

Pedal America promotes bicycling as an all-inclusive activity. We create opportunities for people to learn and ride together! Plus, all our certified LCI's offer a safe and fun learning environment.

What is an LCI?

LCI stands for League Cycling Instructor. Every instructor who works under the Pedal America brand has gone through extensive training and passed the intensive LCI course administered by The League of American Bicyclists ( Our instructors are certified to teach both children and adults. All LCI's are covered by The League's liability insurance.

When are classes held and what do they cost?

Most classes take place on Sundays and Saturdays. We can also arrange classes for some weekdays.

Traffic Skills 101

Classes are held throughout the year. On-bike classes are held April through mid-November as weather permits.

The course includes two parts: an in-class lesson; plus, an on-bike bike handling skills lesson and road ride. 


Part I only

  • Live 4-hour in-class: $75 per student / 3-12 students (includes $5 for printing of materials)

Parts II only

  • On-bike: $75 per person / 3-4 students per class

Parts I and II

  • After completing Part I, pay only $55 for Part II / 3-12 students per class

Each session must have at least 3 students. Students should plan to register at least two weeks prior to taking the course.

2017 Dates

November 11th 

(11:30 am - 4:30 pm)



Galway Arms Tavern

2442 N. Clark Street (Top Floor)

Chicago, IL 60614  

Learn To Ride

Classes are typically held on Saturdays and Sundays, mid-April through early November as weather permits.

  • $65 per student, per hour. 
  • Two-hour minimum for first lessons (adults)

Learn To Ride classes are private. Students should register at least two weeks ahead of time.


Please call us before registering for LEARN TO RIDE lessons. 

Available dates for Learn To Ride are listed on the registration form.

No refunds.

Rain-outs are rescheduled.


How do I enroll?


Enroll with PayPal. For more information, please call 312-961-5308 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please write "Learn To Ride" or "Traffic Skills 101" in the Subject line.

Please call us before registering for LEARN TO RIDE lessons. We look ahead to teaching you!

Ride Safely,

Ira David

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The Active Transportation Alliance is a non-profit, member-based advocacy organization and Chicagoland’s voice for better biking, walking and transit. Become a member and add your voice to the movement.

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Planning your bicycle vacation? Check out Raystown Lake, PA, as seen in Season One.
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Why Cycle? PDF Print

Bicycling is Eco-friendly

Save fuel and reduce noise, air pollution, and your carbon footprint.

Riding a Bike is Economical

Pedaling around the neighborhood could save you hundreds of dollars a year at the gas pump. 

Bicycling is Healthful

Burn calories, boost your cardiovascular system, and build endurance with minimal impact on your body.

Getting on a Bicycle is Relaxing

Commuting relieves stress after a hard day’s work - a nice alternative to sitting in traffic. You'll see more when cycling while on vacation.

Bicycling is Philanthropic

Use your two-wheeler to support your favorite charitable causes. Many nonprofit organizations rely on cycling events to raise awareness and needed funds. Meet people with shared concerns and interests.

Riding a Bicycle is Fun

Enjoy alone, with friends and family, a significant other, or with a group. It’s a fun way to explore your neighborhood or tour a new town or city.

Going Cycling is Free

Hopping on your bike is free!  Oh, but do wear a helmet.