Why Cycle? Print

Bicycling is Eco-friendly

Save fuel and reduce noise, air pollution, and your carbon footprint.

Riding a Bike is Economical

Pedaling around the neighborhood could save you hundreds of dollars a year at the gas pump. 

Bicycling is Healthful

Burn calories, boost your cardiovascular system, and build endurance with minimal impact on your body.

Getting on a Bicycle is Relaxing

Commuting relieves stress after a hard day’s work - a nice alternative to sitting in traffic. You'll see more when cycling while on vacation.

Bicycling is Philanthropic

Use your two-wheeler to support your favorite charitable causes. Many nonprofit organizations rely on cycling events to raise awareness and needed funds. Meet people with shared concerns and interests.

Riding a Bicycle is Fun

Enjoy alone, with friends and family, a significant other, or with a group. It’s a fun way to explore your neighborhood or tour a new town or city.

Going Cycling is Free

Hopping on your bike is free!  Oh, but do wear a helmet.