Can You See Me Now? Print

Tuesday night the Pedal America crew practically commandeered the Rapid Transit Cycles shop at 1305 S. Halsted, in Chicago, to shoot three Bike Tech 101 segments for Season One.  One of the segments teaches the importance of bike or head gear-mounted mirrors.   My comfort zone typically ranges between looking over my right and left shoulders to see what’s coming up from behind. But Rapid Transit’s owner, Chris Stodder, enlightened me when he demonstrated how looking over the shoulder takes your eyes off the road ahead. I never really thought about it like that since the motion of looking over the shoulder is so swift. Mirrors “help save lives,” Chris says. This resonates with many of the cyclists we met while shooting in Tampa, and you can hear their comments when we broadcast that episode. But bicycle mirrors are also personal. Choosing one is as personal as choosing a bicycle seat. Who says you can’t get intimate with your bike? Visit Rapid Transit’s bike blog to learn more. 

Rapid Transit Cycles shop filming 

Pedal America Host and Executive Producer, Ira David, with Rapid Transit Cycles shop owner, Chris Stodder, shooting a Bike Tech 101 segment for Season One of the national tv series scheduled to air nationally on public television, in May 2012.